Survey responses summary, Jan 31, 2022
Thank you for taking the time to complete our surveys.

1. Sports Participation Gap Active Newcomer Youth- ANONYMOUS SURVEY.
We received over 200 responses on our anonymous survey on sport/soccer involvement. Here are the results. 

Over 70% of respondents report either themselves and/or their family members are not participating in organized sport/soccer activities.
The financial cost, registration fees, equipment costs, transport costs and time commitment was also reported to be the challenges or barriers preventing respondents from participating in sport (Particularly soccer).

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2. Mental Health Wellness – ANONYMOUS SURVEY.
We received nearly 200 responses to our anonymous survey on mental health wellness. Here are the results. 

While nearly 98% of the respondents reported having experienced mental health issues (66% very often and 23% often) in the last 6 to 12 months, nearly 98% reported facing barriers to accessing mental health services in Ottawa.
Social stigma, language barrier and racism/discrimination are the top barriers to mental health services access.
Over 98% of the respondents reported peer-to-peer mental health support to be their preference with regards to accessing mental health services.

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