E-sport Winter League

Event Date:

January 19, 2024

Event Time:

5:00 pm

Event Location:

815 St Laurent Blvd, Room 225, Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of competitive gaming with our E-sport Winter League. Step into the virtual arena, showcase your gaming prowess and connect with fellow enthusiasts in an exciting season of online tournaments.

Weeks 1-4: Group Stages

➔ Division into Groups: Split the 32 participants into 8 groups of 4 players/teams each.
➔ Round-Robin Format: Each player/team plays against every other player/team in their
➔ Scoring: Assign points for wins, draws (if applicable), and losses.
➔ Advancement: The top 2 players/teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.
This results in 16 players/teams advancing.

Week 5: Quarterfinals and Semifinals

➔ Quarterfinals: 16 players/teams play in a knockout format. Winners advance to the
➔ Semifinals: 8 winners from the quarterfinals compete.
➔ Match Format: Best-of-three series for both quarterfinals and semifinals.

Week 6: Finals and Third-Place Playoff:

➔ Final: The 2 winners from the semifinals compete for the championship.
➔ Third-Place Playoff: The semi finals losers compete for third place.
➔ Match Format: Best-of-five series for a more extended and intense final.

Tournament Match Schedule:

Week 1: Group Stage Matches (First Set)
Date: 19th January 2023
Time: 5 PM – 9 PM

5:00 PM
Group AKhaled MaaroufVS Faisal said
5:00 PM
Group EMolad haileVS Ivael
5:30 PM
Group ATBFVSSatya Sarma
5:30 PM
Group E Sheikh TanvirVSTanting Ghogomu
6:00 PM
Group BTBFVSMuntasar Salmo
6:00 PM
Group F Hasham NagrVSEl John
6:30 PM
Group BAbdallahVS Jesse Nova
6:30 PM
Group FHassan Sangar VSMahmoud Adnan Elgarni
7:00 PM
Group C Sylvain MutibeVSJosue Nyembo
7:00 PM
Group GAhmed AdanVSTao Lufula
7:30 PM
Group CAbdala Mohamud VSTBF
7:30 PM
Group GKostiantyn AvrameysVSVolodymyr Ryzhenko
8:00 PM
Group DBilal MostamandiVS Mehamed Abdella Ahmed
8:00 PM
Group HTBFVSOluwatobi
8:30 PM
Group DMehamed AbdellaVSAbdinavi Khetarpal
8:30 PM
Group HOluwatobiVSKissary

Week 2: Group Stage Matches (Second Set)
Date: 26 January 2024
Time: 5 PM – 9 PM

5:00 PMGroup AKhaled MaaroufVSTBF
5:00 PMGroup E Molad HaileVSSheikh Tanvir
5:30 PM
Group AFaizal SaidVSSatya Sarma
5:30 PM
Group EIvaelVSTanting Ghogomu
6:00 PM
Group BTBFVSAbdallah
6:00 PM
Group FHasham NagrVSHassan Sangar
6:30 PM
Group BMuntaser SalmoVSJesse Nova
6:30 PM
Group FEl JohnVSMohamud
7:00 PM
Group CSylvain MutibeVSAbdalla Mohamud
7:00 PM
Group GAhmed AdanVS Kostiantyn Avrameys
7:30 PM
Group CJosue NyemboVSTBF
7:30 PM
Group GThao Lufula VSVolodymyr Ryzhenko
8:00 PM
Group D Bilal MostamandiVSAbdinavi Khetarpal
8:00 PM
Group HTBFVSKissary
8:30 PM
Group DMehamed AbdelaVSTBF
8:30 PM
Group HOluwatobiVSAmanuel Medhin

Week 3: Group Stage Matches (Third Set)
Date: 2 February 2024
Time: 5 PM – 9 PM

5:00 PMGroup AKhaled MaroufVSSatya Sarma
5:00 PMGroup EMolad HaileVSTanting Ghogomu
5:30 PM
Group A: Faisal SaidVSTBF
5:30 PM
Group EIvaelVS Sheikh Tamvir
6:00 PM
Group BTBFVSJesse Nova
6:00 PM
Group FHasham NagrVSMohamud Adnan
6:30 PM
Group BMuntaser SalmoVSAbdallah
6:30 PM
Group FEl JohnVSHassan Sangar
7:00 PM
Group CSylvain MutibeVSTBF
7:00 PM
Group GAhmed AdanVSVolodymyr Ryzhenko
7:30 PM
Group C Player 2 VSPlayer 3
7:30 PM
Group GThao Lufula VSKostiantyn Avrameys
8:00 PM
Group D Bilal MostamandiVSTBF
8:00 PM
Group HTBFVSAmanuel Medin
8:30 PM
Group DMehamed AbdelaVSAbdinavi Khetarpal
8:30 PM
Group HOluwatobiVSKissary

Week 4: Round of 16 Matches (Knockout Stage Set)
Date: 9th February 2024
Time: 5 PM – 9 PM

Match 2TOBI vs AHADI
Match 4MOH vs JESSE

Week 5: Quarterfinals & Semifinals

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Week 6: Finals and Third-place playoff.
Third-place playoff.

FinalKhaled vs Abdallah

Final Result Of FC24       Anyo 2024


Key Details:

Match Scheduling:

➔ Schedule group stage matches during weeks 1-4, ensuring each player/team plays once
a week.
➔ Quarterfinals and semifinals in week 5 can be scheduled on different days or the same
day, depending on time availability.
➔ The grand final and third-place playoff in week 6 can be on the same day as a big event

Game Settings for FC24:

In-Game rules:

Competitors are strictly prohibited from using all 5 and 3 at the back formations including, but
not limited to the following formations for their squad
➔ 5-2-2-1
➔ 5-2-3
➔ 5-4-1
➔ 5-1-2-2
➔ 5-2-1-2
➔ 5-3-2
➔ 3-5-2
➔ 3-4-1-2
➔ 3-4-2-1
➔ 3-1-4-2
➔ 3-4-3

Graphics Settings:

➔ Resolution: Default (1080p or as supported by the monitor/TV).
➔ HDR: Off (to standardize display across all setups).

Audio Settings:

➔ Audio Output: Stereo (unless a uniform surround setup is available).

Controller Settings:

➔ Default controller layout.
➔ Controllers must be official PS5 controllers. No third-party or modified controllers.

Gameplay Settings:

➔ Match Duration: 5-minute halves.
➔ Difficulty Level: Legendary
➔ Team Selection: Teams or Nations only, no All-Star or Classic teams.
➔ Injuries: OFF
➔ Offsides: On.
➔ handballs: OFF
➔ Time/Season: Clear weather conditions, daytime.
➔ For virtual games: Set the game to be Online and Set the time to be 5 mins.


Rules and Regulations:

Fair Play:

➔ No cheating, exploiting bugs, or using any form of hacks.
➔ Respectful conduct is expected at all times.

Match Attendance:

➔ Players must be present 15 minutes before their scheduled match for setup and briefing.
➔ Failure to show up on time may result in a forfeit.

Disconnects and Technical Issues:

➔ In-person matches: If a disconnect occurs, the match will be paused, and efforts will be
made to quickly resolve the issue.
➔ Virtual matches: Players experiencing a disconnect have 10 minutes to rejoin. Failure to
rejoin may lead to a forfeit. In case of any disconnect, continue the game with time left.
Don’t play a whole new game unless agreed upon by both sides.

Match Reporting & Dispute Resolution:

➔ Players must report the match’s outcome to the tournament officials immediately after its
➔ In case of disputes, screenshots or video evidence may be required.
➔ Any disputes should be brought to the tournament officials immediately. Officials’
decisions are final.

Streaming and Recording:

➔ Personal streaming of in-person matches is not allowed.
➔ Virtual matches may be streamed with the tournament’s official overlay and branding.

Spectator Policy:

➔ Spectators must observe quietly and cannot interfere with the matches.
➔ Coaching or assisting players during matches is not allowed.


➔ Players may use their controllers, subject to inspection for modifications.
➔ For virtual matches, players must ensure their equipment and internet connection are
Health and Safety (For In-Person Events):

➔ Adherence to current health guidelines is mandatory.
➔ Social distancing and sanitation protocols must be followed.

Eligibility and Documentation:

➔ Players must meet age, residency, and any other eligibility criteria set by the organizers.
➔ Valid identification may be required for verification.

Virtual Exceptions:

➔ For any virtual matches, players must have a stable internet connection.
➔ Virtual participants should be available on a designated communication platform (like
Discord) for match coordination.

Streaming and Audience Engagement:

➔ We shall stream key matches, especially quarter-final, semifinals, and finals, on platforms
like Twitch or YouTube.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Do I need specific gaming equipment to participate?

Participants must have access to a gaming console or PC, along with a stable internet connection. Specific equipment requirements vary based on the selected game titles

Are there age restrictions for registration?

The E-sport Winter League is open to individuals aged 13 and above. Participants under 18 may require parental consent.

Event Location:


  • 815 St Laurent Blvd, Room 225, Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7
  • 815 St Laurent Blvd, Room 225, Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7
  • Ottawa
  • Ottawa
  • ON K1K 3A7
  • Canada

Event Schedule Details

  • January 19, 2024 5:00 pm
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